The not yet professional retoucher.

Sunglasses Retouch for before/after and photographer credits.

This is the first of hopefully many posts.

My name is Joshua Jones. I’m 25 and I live in Sydney Australia. I work full time at Wacom as a Sales & Marketing executive. In my spare time I like to retouch photographs. Visit my retouching site here. I hope to turn this hobby in to a profession. This blog is about how I’ll go about this. Now, from my 12 months or so of reading forums such as and I’ve come to the conclusion that there are an absolute shit load of ‘professional’ retouchers out there. Most of which are very nice and happy to help. If you ask them about how they obtain a certain ‘look’ in their images, or how they retouch skin so wonderfully they’ll more then likely help you out. Which is great! So, participating on these forums and watching retouching DVD’s will certainly help you develop your retouching skills but, does this mean you’re a retoucher?

No. It certainly doesn’t. Yes, you can retouch a photograph… Perhaps you do it quite well. The question is, are you being paid for it? This is where I am currently. I feel like I can retouch a photograph, but I’m not being paid to do so. So, how does one go about becoming pro? The question that has been asked many times. If you jump in to your google machine you’ll find there maybe quite a few articles on how people got to where there are now. One I can recommend is from professional retoucher Pratik Naik written for link. Visit Pratik’s website. Now that is how you retouch.

The above mentioned article is extremely helpful and is the inspiration for my blog. I came to the conclusion that there would be many articles like this, but who is talking about their journey to becoming pro? Who is going to put the above mentioned suggestions In to practise and then summarise whether they worked or not? I am.

Let me start by briefly summarising what I plan on talking about in the future…

  • Where I am in terms of skill level as a retoucher and how I got here.
  • The plan of attack to becoming ‘pro’.
  • What works and what doesn’t.
  • Retouchers that will inspire.
  • Tute time! Wacom and retouching related tutorials.
  • Summaries of events that I attend on behalf of Wacom.

I’m very excited about sharing my experiences and thoughts with you on how someone like myself becomes ‘pro’. I hope to help anyone in a similar situation, let me make the mistakes for you. Lets get paid to do something we enjoy.

Joshua Jones.


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