Some Inspiration – Spoon Graphics.

I came across this Blog will travelling in my Google machine. I’m interested in improving my Illustrator skills. The way I see it, the more you know, the more employable you’ll be in the future. Knowledge is power!

This Blog is fantastic, the tutorials are easy to follow, inspirational and very interesting. Chris talks about techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator but I think his strength lies in his Illustrator knowledge. Chris Spooner is one talented individual. One particular post I’m extremely impressed with and that helped me out quite a lot was “50 Illustrator tutorials every designer should see”.

Check out this blog. You will not be disappointed.

Joshua Jones.


Some Inspiration – Olga Gogoleva.

Some Inspiration for your Friday afternoon. Olga retouches photographs so well that it makes people like me just want to give up, crawl under my bed and just cry.

You really need to check out her site, remember to pick up your jaw before you let the bugs fly in to your mouth.

I’m particularly impressed with the site. Its classy, simple and very easy to use. I like how the images do all the talking. You’re instantly immersed in her retouching awesomeness.

I remember coming across a web page from her a while back where she did some workshops in Australia. Shame I missed it. I’ll keep a look out for future workshops.

Joshua Jones.

Some Inspiration – Eva Ubani.

Some inspiration.

You need to check out Eva’s work. I can’t remember when or where I came across her work but I’ve had it bookmarked for ages.

Her portfolio features amazingly crisp, clear and beautiful images. A true photoshop genius.

“Eva Ubani is a high-end digital retouch artist specializing in beauty, fashion and commercial post-production.”

Joshua Jones.