Give your Photos the 3D Effect.

Remember when you were a kid (I’m talking early 90’s) and your parents would take you to the movies to see the latest ‘3D’ flick? Obviously you couldn’t resist seeing what the screen looked like without those funny blue and red glasses on. The first thing I did when I went to see a movie that was made the ‘new 3D’ way was take the glasses off (which to my surprise we not blue and red) to see what the screen looked like without them on. No where near as cool as I remembered…

So, lets take a look at how to replicate this 3D look inside Photoshop. The way 3D used to look without the glasses on…

Lets open up photoshop and open up your image. I am using an image from Katanaz Stock on deviantArt. If you wish to use the same image you can find it here.

1. Duplicate the background layer by pressing ⌘-j (ctrl-j on PC) or by dragging the layer into the ‘create a new layer’ icon.

2. Double click on the new layer you just created to open up the ‘layer styles’ window. Under the Advanced Blending heading, uncheck the R in Channels and press OK.

At this stage it appears that nothing has changed.

3. Select the Move Tool by pressing “v” and then move the layer you created either slightly to the left or right. You’ll notice the effect right away.

That’s it. You’re done. Now just save it out in your preferred format.

Joshua Jones.